Dear Michael,

  Sorry I haven't been in touch in awhile, like you, there never seems like enough time in a day to accomplish the things one finds important. I would love for you to take a look at my most recent "Beyond Words-Leaves paintings". We might be able to help one another, my father said you moved your headquarters (congratulations), I have a rather large Leaf painting its the one below 4ft high and 6ft wide, its one of my favorites the size and composition envelop the viewer so it feels like your in nature. But, alas, I moved and don't have the wall space, so I'm trying to find a new, safe, home for her. So maybe fate will align. I will frame it, bring the artwork to you (you can view it in person decide if its a fit for your space and if not the artwork comes back home with me) If it works for you. I reward you for giving her a good home by giving you a great price. Obviously, if you see any other artwork you like for your home or office, please let me know, I will also discount those for you, in appreciation for all your past support.
  Regardless of finding homes for art, my thanks to you for inquiring about myself and my artwork, I'm wishing you, your family, your business the prosperity and abundance you deserve, Have a wonderful day my friend, talk soon.........

Andrew Clark

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